So, what exactly is it that we do?

Without providing an exhaustive list of services, the short answer, is that we have the ability to take care of all details related to the planning, production, and presentation of the event. From talent acquisition, staging, audio, lighting, transportation, down to the coconut water in the dressing rooms, we’ll get it done.

SAA Equipment & Personnel

Our patented staging technology rolls on and off a natural grass field without leaving a trace. The best part…when time matters on a game day, we can get the entire production on and off the field within just minutes!Having produced hundreds of events gives our world class personnel unparalleled experience to create quality. Every aspect of the production is handled with a level of detail and care that only SAA can provide. We’ve got this.

Brief Service List

Select Artists Associates, LLC offers our business partners a full complement of marketing support and services.

  • Book, Create & Produce Time Sensitive Events
  • Pre-Game Concerts & National Anthems
  • Halftime Shows
  • Post-Game Concerts
  • Negotiate Artists Concert / Personal Appearance Agreements
  • Manage and fulfill Artists production requirements
  • Provide regional market exclusivities for Team/Artists performance
  • Cross-promotion coordination between Artists, record label, sponsor/retail outlets and defined media marketing plan
  • Artists Participation in Team Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  • Create, Manage & Implement Grass Roots/Support Promotions
  • Patented Roll-On Stage & Audio System for field-friendly, time sensitive events
  • Choreography. Pre, Halftime, and/or Post events may include various levels of choreography.
  • SAA will develop, manage & implement with local & regional participants
  • Artists Meet & Greet. Coordinate & Manage Meet & Greets with Event VIP’s/Sponsors
  • Pyrotechnics. Create & Coordinate Fireworks/Special Effects to accompany event
  • Video Presentation. Create & Coordinate Video Presentation to accompany event
  • Total Turnkey Production

Our Core

Select Artists Associates, LLC offers a core set of services in the following areas:

A leader in the Sports & Entertainment Production Industry

SAA has become a leader in the Sports & Entertainment Production industry as evidenced by our success with teams and leagues throughout the nation.  The field-friendly and time sensitive nature of these events set SAA apart from all others.  SAA understands that the game comes first, and the entertainment is an added-value component of each event that can provide a variety of benefits.

Our team & league clients utilize pre-game, halftime or post-game concerts to achieve a variety of objectives.  From selling more tickets, celebrating a special event or anniversary in team history, fan appreciation, developing new sponsor inventory or adding value to an existing partnership, SAA will provide the turnkey services to accomplish this goal.

Some of our clients include:


  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Chicago Bears
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New England Patriots

Super Bowls

  • XXX – Tempe
  • XXXI – New Orleans
  • XXXII – San Diego
  • XXXIII – Miami
  • XXXIV – Atlanta
  • XXXV – Tampa
  • XXXVI – New Orleans
  • XXXVII – San Diego
  • XXXVIII – Houston
  • XXXIX – Jacksonville
  • XL – Detroit
  • XLI – Miami
  • XLII – Glendale
  • XLIII – Tampa


  • Cleveland Indians
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • New York Mets
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Washington Nationals

MLB All Star Games

  • 2003 – Chicago
  • 2004 – Houston
  • 2005 – Pittsburgh
  • 2006 – Detroit
  • 2007 – San Francisco
  • 2008 – New York
  • 2009 – St. Louis
  • 2010 – Los Angeles
  • 2011 – Phoenix
  • 2012 – Kansas City
  • 2013 – New York

MLB World Series

  • 2009 – New York

Minor League Baseball

  • Durham Bulls


Winter Classic Game

  • 2011 – Pittsburgh

Arena Football League (Arena Bowl)

Army All America Bowl

FIFA Soccer

MLS Soccer


NCAA Sports:

  • Arizona State University Women’s Basketball
  • Arizona State University Football

World Boxing Federation

Turnkey Entertainment Productions for Corporate Events

SAA has vast experience in working with Corporate and Special Events. From Conferences to Corporate Parties, SAA will create an event specific to the needs of each client. Once we determine the scope and style of the event, SAA will provide a variety of compelling options and ideas that will result in a successful, crowd pleasing event.

Industry Leading Venue Management Services

SAA works with venue operators to creatively use venue spaces for concerts, events and festivals beyond the original intent of facility designers. From birthday parties and weddings, to monster truck rallies and soccer tournaments, SAA has a full range of support services including marketing, ticketing, box office, sponsor and vendor partner programs and more.